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Control Method For Bedsores
Click:9797 Date:2011/10/14 17:18:49

     Bedsore is induced by long-time of lying in bed. The initial phase of bedsore usually


showthe skin ulceration aroused from rubbing of the skins. After the formation of bedsore,


dueto the unsmooth circulation of blood and nerve system, only minority can feel the


slight.pains, which are not likable to be found. Till it develops to a degree of apparent


sensation, it becomes already quite serious a situation, so that is why many people can’t


get their bedsore easily cured once they find them infected by it, Here, Guoren TDP


therapeutic apparatus is solemnly recommended to the bedsore patients for the prevention


and therapeutic of bedsore in order to eliminate the torture of bedsore to the body and


spirit of the patient.


I. Therapeutic time


    The treatment of bedsores should be conducted preferably at the initial phase when


bedsores appear,.At this stage, it will be feasible to get the symptom effectively controlled by


 way of treatment at a frequency of one time a day and 1hour a time for 3-days.When


apparent ulceration appears or there is fluid flowing out, the treatment should be carried out


2 times a day and 1hour each time, when bedsore ulceration lesion is wider than 5


centimeters and deeper than 2 centimeters, the treatment should be carried out three times a


 day and above 1hour each time. During course of treatment , the necessary turning-over of


the patients, the washing of the lesion, the refreshing of the air indoors and the ventilation of


a room must be properly done . It will definitely achieve the effective therapeutic should it be


persisted for 2-3 months.


II. Therapeutic Method


     Aim TDP therapeutic apparatus head at and irradiate the ulcerated area of a bedsore.


Application time and times shall be adjusted according to the symptom degree described


above, in case the low-temperature soft therapeutic apparatus head is applied(it may not be


 used in worst cases),the time can be lengthened to hours or whole-night treatment may be



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