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Menorrhalgia and Control Method
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Before and in the course of menstrual period, the acute pain emerging in the lower


abdomen of a woman is called Menorrhalgia. This disease is divided into two categories:


the positive and the negative ones. According to the causes of ailment, the positive ailmen


t is usually caused by the cold and cold drink, which lead to coherence and clogging of


blood, incurring pains, or by the pent-up of mood and blood, which lead to stagnation of


blood, resulting pains. The negative ailment is usually caused by the poor make of body


constitution, or inadequacy of blood, which leads to insufficient blood supply, causing pains


in the lower abdomen before and during the menstrual period. TDP therapeutic apparatus


has peculiar effect on this(effective on both the positive and negative) and can secure


immediate efficacy within 30-60 minutes of irradiation.


Therapeutic time:


     The treatment of menorrhalia should be conducted preferably at the initial phase when


any light symptom is discovered to the lower abdomen. At this stage, it will be feasible to


get the symptom effectively controlled by way of treatment at a frequency of one times a


day and 1hour a time for 3-5 days. When pains in lower abdomen, aches and distending


pains in waist appear, in addition to proper rest, the treatment must be carried out two


times a day and above 1 hour each time for about 10 days before the disease is actually


controlled, paying attention to the hygiene of food and restrict the pungency of it.


Therapeutic method


    Aim TDP therapeutic apparatus head at and irradiate the lower abdomen. Application


time and times shall be adjusted according to the symptom behaviors described above. In


case the low-temperature soft therapeutic apparatus head is applied, the time can be


lengthened to hours or whole-night treatment may be applied.




1.       There shouldn’t be any barriers between the diseased part and the therapeutic


apparatus head, otherwise, no therapeutic effect may be achieved.


2.       During course of treatment, the high-temperature type of therapeutic type of


therapeutic apparatus head must be at least 20 cm away from the diseased part of the


patient. When the skin feels unbearable to the temperature of irradiation, the apparatus


head can be adjusted to a farther distance from the diseased part. When the low-


temperature soft head apparatus or a temperature-controlled product is applied, the


temperature should be adjusted to or set at an agreeable temperature fore the skinto the


extent that will not burn the skin.


3.       During working time of treatment or 1 hour after treatment, don’t drink any water,




4.       During course of treatment, pay attention to rest and menstrual hygiene and try to


 avoid mental irritation.


5.       The causes of menorrhalgia are so many, and the gynecologic examination may be


necessary in order to diagnose the disease so as to select the correct therapeutic method.

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