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Control Method For Mastalgia and Mastitis
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(This method is referable for breast mass)


     Mastalgia is acute mastitis, which usually happens in the lactation period, and is seldom


seen in the pregnancy period. This disease is usually caused by worries, depression, rages,


Mastalgia is also witnessed when the pregnancy is at the 6th to 7th month. The color of the



skin will not change at the initial stage. With the development of disease, the skin gradually


turns red and begins to ulcerate. The development of pus is usually slow, which may last to


the time when a baby is going to be delivered. TDP therapeutic has a good efficacy in


elimination of inflammation and ease of pains, and it can obtain satisfactory therapeutic


effect with a short time of irradiation to the diseased region.


I. Therapeutic time:


    The treatment of mammitis should be conducted preferably at the initial phase when light


symptom appears in the mammary region. At this stage, it will be feasible to get the


symptom effectively controlled by way of treatment at a frequency of one time a day and 1


hour a time for 7-10 days. When reddening, swelling, pains, or ulceration appears, in


addition to proper rest, the treatment must be carried out two times a day and above 1


hour each time for at least three weeks before the disease is actually controlled, paying


attention at the same to the hygiene of the mammary region.


II. Therapeuic Method


    Aim TDP therapeutic apparatus head at and irradiate the mammary region. Application


 time and times shall be adjusted according to the symptom behaviors described above. In


case the low-temperature soft therapeutic apparatus head is applied, the time can be


lengthened to hours or whole-night treatment may be applied.


III. Cautions:


1.       There shouldn’t be any barriers between the diseased part and the therapeutic


apparatus head, otherwise ,no therapeutic effect may be achieved.


2.       During course of treatment, the high-temperature type of therapeutic apparatus


head must be at least 20 cm away from the diseased part of the patient. When the skin


feels unbearable to the temperature of irradiation, the apparatus head can be adjusted to


a farther distance from the diseased part. When the low-temperature soft head apparatus


or temperature-controlled product is applied, the temperature should be adjusted to or set


at an agreeable temperature fore the skin to the extent that will not burn the skin.


3.       In the course of treatment, pay attention to rest and breast hygiene, regularly wash


the breast with warm water, avoid sexual intercourse and mental irritation, eat fresh, light-


flavored, and nutritious food instead of hot and pungent food.


    The causes of mastalgia are so many , and the hospital examination may be necessary in

 order to diagnose the disease so as to select the correct therapeutic method.

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